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Ron Batts

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Having spent over 30 years in financial services, I am honored to be a part of the LA Home Lending, LLC team where I can continue to participate with my customers in the American Dream of homeownership and changing lives for generations.  Over the past few years a small number within the mortgage finance industry contributed to a credit crunch which adversely affected millions of lives in the U.S. and globally.  One result of these actions was a climate of increased compliance through regulations.  This environment generated risks and expenses many smaller lenders could no longer bear.  At LA Home Lending, LLC, I work with community banks and other lenders to offer a myriad of mortgage products for their friends and customers while relieving them of compliance struggles associated with permanent home loans.

LA Home Lending, LLC has competitive options for consumers who need the strength and stability of a large regional lender who does nothing but provide home loans to those who have the ability to repay the loan.  We help borrowers find the financing option best for them with personal, local attention during the loan process and throughout the life of their loan.

The LA Home Lending, LLC motto of “it’s not about loans, it’s about lives” describes my passion of providing the financial tools you need with your real estate decisions.  I look forward to assisting you with financing your home.  Please contact me today.


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